Q: How many Owl Car Cams can I control with my phone?
A: You can add up to three cameras per device on iOS.

Q: Can I add another user to my Owl Car Cam?
A: At this time only one user can be connected to any given Owl Car Cam. 

Q: Does the Owl Car Cam support Teslas?
A: Yes, we support all Tesla Models that have an OBD II port. The Tesla Model 3 is not supported because it doesn't have an OBD II Port. 

Q: Can Owl be traced?
A: No, when you’re using your camera your data and video is private. 

Q: Who can see my videos?
A: The link between your Owl Car Cam and your phone is secure so that only you can control access to your video content through the Owl Cam App, unless others have access to your phone or the secure recovery password you set up with Owl. No one at Owl sees your video unless you choose to share it.

Q: What is the operating system of the Owl Car Cam?
A: We have built a proprietary Linux OS specifically for the Owl Car Camera.

Q: Do you have a rear view camera?
A: We don’t offer a separate rear camera but  we have a cabin facing camera with a limited rear outside view. 

Q: What happens if my camera is stolen?
A: You will get a Video Alert on your phone and a selfie of the thief. Owl will also replace your camera free of charge as long as you provide:

  • Police report 
  • Video of the incident 
  • Device ID -- just send us a chat from settings menu in the Owl Cam App

please review our warranty policy for more details.

Q: How does the Owl Car Cam look out for the car’s battery?
A: When parked, the Owl Car Cam is designed to only use a small percentage of a standard battery's charge. Each time you drive, the car recharges its battery. Between drives, the camera goes into ultra-low power standby if the battery voltage is low or if you have not driven for up to 72 hours. In extreme cold, the Owl Car Cam will go into standby to protect the battery until you start the car.

Q: Will high temperatures affect the Owl Car Cam?
A: When the Owl Car Cam’s electronics reach 200 ̊F, the device will go into standby and automatically recover when it cools down. Owl’s active-cooling fan helps keep its electronics cool. On very hot days of 100 ̊F outside or higher, the temperature inside a parked car in the direct sun can reach upwards of 160 ̊F. We recommend parking in the shade on hot days.

Q: How does my Owl Car Cam store my clips?
A: Your Owl Car Cam has internal memory for storage. 

Q: How do I get the clips I created to my phone?
A: Your Owl Car Cam will automatically send the clips you create to the Owl Car Cam App on your phone when it has LTE cell service. 

Q: What does the Owl Car Cam record?
A: Owl is recording everything while you drive. When parked, Guard Mode is activated and protects your car.  

Q: What is Guard Mode?
A: When parked for longer than 6 minutes, the Owl Car Cam will go into an ultra-low power state and only record when a disturbance is detected. 

Q: What is that buzz/hum sound coming from the Owl Car Cam?
A: On hot days, you may hear a faint buzzing or humming sound coming from the Owl Car Cam. That is the fan inside the camera used for keeping the internal components cool. 

Q: What's the power draw of the Owl Car Cam?
A: Each day Owl uses less than 2% of a good battery’s full charge. You can select up to 72 hours of protection when parked - during that time, Owl will send you alerts. Owl also watches for weak or drained batteries and goes into ultra-low power standby if needed.

Q: What resolution are the cameras?

A: Owl Car Cam records outside at 1440p ( 2X zoom ) and inside at 720p.

Q: What is the return policy for the Owl Car Cam and Accessories Kit?
A: If at any time within thirty (30) days of receiving your order, you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it to us for a refund – no questions asked. You can call us at anytime 1-800-732-7131 with questions or concerns 

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