Q: Does my car have an OBD II Port?
A: Vehicles manufactured after 1996 will have a compatible OBD II Port. 

Q: My RV or Truck was made after 1996 but doesn't have an OBD 2 port, can I still use the Owl Car Cam?
A: Yes, you can buy adapters on our website for various vehicles containing 6-pin and 9-pin ports.   

Q: I already have the Owl Car Cam but I want extra accessories so I can put my camera in my other car without needing to install everything?
A: We will begin selling Second Car Kits soon, included will be all the accessories you need to switch your camera between cars. 

Q:How do I find my OBD 2 port?
A: Usual located under the steering wheel and above the footwell. If you can’t find it, refer to your vehicle’s user manual. 

Q: How do I remove the door covering on my OBD 2 Port?
A: Most cars that have a panel covering the OBD 2 port can be removed by simply pulling the cover off. If you have trouble removing the panel we recommend taking your car to a mechanic. 

Q: How do I change the Suction Beam tails?
A: Simply pull the arm and tail apart. 

Q:Which tail should I use for my car?
A: Some dashboards are sloped. Longer tails will help you get a better interior view. 

Q: Do I need the cable ties?
A: Cable ties are helpful if your OBD 2 Port is on the right side of the footwell. Use them to secure your power cable to other exposed wiring so that you don’t kick the cable loose.

Q: I've heard that plugging things into the OBD 2 port can void my car’s warranty?
A: The Owl Car Cam only draws power from the OBD connector (not data) and we have been careful to ensure no harm is done to the vehicle by using the product. 

Q: How do I install the Suction Beam on my dashboard?
A:Center the Beam on your dashboard and gently push it into the gap between your dashboard and windshield. Lift and push the suction cup against the windshield, then pull the lever to lock in place.

Note: the suction cup helps stabilize the Owl Car Cam video

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