Q: What is Owl 911 Assist?
A: If your Owl Car Cam recognizes a serious crash that is likely to cause significant damage and/or serious injury, our crash detection service will be triggered and we will call you to see if you are OK and call 911 for you if you can’t.

Q: How much does Owl 911 Assist cost?
A: It’s free on all cams for the first 3 months, then you can renew for $7.99 per month or $79.99 for the year. 

Q: How Owl 911 Assist work?
A: When you get into a serious accident that your Owl Car Cam detects (a crash that is big enough to likely cause both damage and bodily injury) Owl 911 Assist will initiate:

  • If you don’t tap “CANCEL” on the Owl Car Cam screen, an Owl Live Agent will make a voice-only call to the car cam
  • In the event that you don’t respond to the incoming call on the Owl Car Cam, the Owl Live Agent will call your mobile phone
  • If you still don’t respond, the Owl Live Agent will call on your behalf to request dispatch of emergency services to your location

Q: Can Owl Live Agents help me with driving directions or roadside assistance?
A: At this time Owl’s Live Agents can only assist with emergency services. 

Q: Is there a way I can test this feature out, I’m curious to see how it works?
A: At this time we don’t offer non-emergency service calls. This feature can only be triggered in an emergency, which is a life-threatening situation where every second counts.  

Q: Will Owl call the police for me?
A: At this time Owl’s Live Agents will only call 911 in emergency situations involving a crash.  

Q: Can I get a discount from my insurance?
A: We recommend talking to your insurance provider for more details on potential discounts.

Q: Will Owl 911 Assist trigger every time, even if it’s a fender bender or a hard break?
A: Owl 911 Assist will not trigger in all crashes - it will only trigger in crashes where the impact is large enough that there is a high likelihood of serious injury where you would be incapacitated and unable to call emergency services for yourself. For the smaller things, you will get a Red Instant Video Alert on your phone.

Q: What are the requirements and limitations of Owl 911 Assist?
A: Owl 911 Assist requires a functioning Owl Car Cam with an active Owl Instant Video Service subscription, network reception from our wireless service provider, and GPS location. Owl is not responsible for any delay or failure due to network connection, acts of nature, or forces beyond our control. USA only. See Owl Terms of Service for additional details and limitations.

Q: How does Owl 911 Assist determine the severity of a crash?
A:  The definition of a serious crash is based on the HeERO2 Harmonized eCall European Pilot V1.1 - Procedures for eCall certification and execution. Owl 911 Assist will not trigger in all crashes

Q: How long does it take for emergency services to arrive if I don’t answer?
A: Owl doesn’t have any control over how long it takes for emergency dispatch services to arrive to your location. 

Q: Will Owl 911 Assist trigger if my camera falls from the mount?
A: No, Owl 911 Assist only triggers if a serious crash is detected.

Q: Can I cancel the service at anytime?
A: Currently this service is offered for free, you can call customer service to cancel. 

Q: Does my Owl Car Cam still record when Owl 911 assist is triggered?
A: Yes, your footage is still being recorded and saved to your Video History. 

Q: Can Owl Live Agents watch me inside my car?
A: No. All calls are voice only. 

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