Q: How does the Owl Instant Video Service work?

A: At the beginning of the month you will receive 60 credits visible in your Owl Car Cam App and unlimited Video Alerts.

You're able to mix and match how your credits are used:

  • OK Presto = 1 credit per voice tag
  • Live View = 1 credit per minute
  • Video History = 1 credit per minute  

Q: Will my Owl Car Cam work without Owl Instant Video Service? 

A: Owl does a lot without the Owl LTE Service and even more with! Without Owl LTE you can take advantage of many of Owl’s features when you are in Wi-Fi range of your car.

Things You Can Do:

  • Your camera still records while you are driving and in guard mode.
  • You can still trigger clips using your voice by saying “OK Presto.”
  • You can still view and save clips to your phone in History over Wi-Fi.

Things You Can’t Do:

  • You can’t receive Video Alerts
  • You can’t Live View
  • You can’t view and share video when you’re away from the car
  • You can’t do voice titling 

Q: What is the subscription price? 

A: $99 annually or $10 monthly after the introductory year that is included with your Owl Car Cam purchase. 

Q: How do I get more credits if I run out?

A: You can purchase 60 additional credits in the Owl Cam app for $4.99

Q: Can I buy this in my country?

 A: We want to be everywhere as fast as we can, but today Owl is only sold and works in United States of America. 

Q: What happens to my clips if I don't have a network connection?

A: Your clips will automatically be uploaded once you have coverage. 

Q: Does Video Alerts count against my monthly 60 clips allowance? 

A: No, Video Alerts are on us. You are only charged for the clips you create and the time you spent on live view. 

Questions or feedback? Call us at 1.800.732.7131
Email us at Support@OwlCam.com 

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