Q: What is History? 

History allows you to look back through your recorded footage and download anything you would like to save to your camera roll. 

Q:What is the longest clip you can create from History? 

A: Up to a 10 min clip that will be saved directly to your camera roll.

Q: How long are my clips saved? 

A: The clips you create are available for 60 days in the Owl Car Cam app on your iPhone unless you save them or share them. 

Q: What is bluetooth used for?

A: Bluetooth is used so that your Owl Car Cam recognizes you when you approach the car and will not send alerts or turn on the security flood lights when you get in. 

Q: What is From Owl?

A: "From Owl" is where you can go to see content other people are sharing with Owl. 

Q: Can I add multiple accounts or cameras?

A: Currently, we only support  one camera and account.

Q: What is the Maps section for?

A:  Locating your Owl Car Cam and your vehicle.

Q: How do I transfer my videos to my computer?

A: You can email the video to yourself and save it to your computer. 

Q: How do I recover a clip I deleted from the "Trash" bin?

A: You can look for the clip using the History feature if you created the clip recently. Connect to your Owl Car Cam using Wi-Fi direct connection and scrub through the available footage.

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