Every Owlcam comes with 12 months of service 

✓ Unlimited Instant Video Alerts 

✓ 60 credits per month

Instant Video Alerts are unlimited. When your Owlcam detects an impact or broken glass, you will have the video on your Owlcam app.

You're able to mix and match how your credits are used:

  • "OK Presto" = 1 credit per clip
  • Live View = 1 credit per minute
  • Video History = 1 credit per minute  

For example, in one month you can make 23 voice-tagged clips, Live View your car for 24 minutes, and review your Video History for 13 minutes. 

The counter will always reflect how many credits remain for the month. 

Subscription Renewal:

  • $99 per year
  • $10 per month 
  • $4.99 for 60 additional rollover credits 

Unused monthly credits do not roll over. However, unused in-app purchased credits do.

Without service, your Owlcam still works over a direct Wi-Fi connection. You can get your video when you’re in the car, but you won’t receive real-time Instant Video Alerts when you’re away. 

At the beginning of each month, your 60 credits will automatically be replenished.

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